A dire situation at Beitbridge as foreign national seek to survive

Article by: Refiloe Sekobotsane (Journalist)

The art of survival as some might put it, with large number of foreign national seeking refuge in South Africa. Majority of foreign nationals within the Southern African Development Community (SADC) have for the longest of time seeked refuge in South Africa due to political unrest in their own countries. The new villain novel coronavirus has made it very difficult for people to survive, as many have been left jobless and without food.

The newly announced covid restrictions by two nations , Zimbabwe’s acting president Kembo Mohadiontry and South African President Cyril Ramaphosa saw many of our neighboring Zimbabwean wretched to return to South Africa. This is after the recent blockage at the Beitbridge in Limpopo. Multitude of people were looking forward to resume their work in the country and more than 100 tested positive for Covid at the border.

Now the question remains can South Africa take the pressure, with South Africa being the highest country in Africa to record more than 1.2 million cases, 33163 deaths and recoveries sitting at 966 000+, but still other foreign nation find the place safe to recommence with their work, business activities. The incident caused a pandemonium on social media were many called for the border to be closed .

ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba was quoted saying the situation at the Beitbridge “Is a Crime against humanity” responding to a video that went viral on social media , while the Economic Freedom Fighter Mbuyiseni Ndlozi being at the variance of the majority of the debate storming on social media called the border to be open as this will exacerbates humanitarian catastrophe.

Many are calling for strict measures to stop the second wave as the number increases daily . Surely it’s not a time for non-compliance behavior but to protect ourselves and others around. Remember “stay at home, protect lives”

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  1. The crisis at the bridge is exaggerated and mismanagement. We should strive to put South Africans first then offer refuge to those deemed in need. Moreover, we should also see to it that the national immigration quotas are considered, so even when we do have the vaccine conversation for immigrants, South Africa is well prepared.

    Absolutely loved your opinion piece.

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