DBE: Capturing has started, as marking centers round up marking

Article by: Tebogo Lesoro (Editor)

The Department of Basic Education Director General Mathanzima Mweli applaudes markers for their courageous and tireless duty they have performed for the country.

Speaking at a press briefing on Wednesday Mweli said the DBE is satisfied in the manner in which how covid-19 protocol was adhered to, during his site visitation in different marking centers across the country.

Department of Basic Education had appointed 45 272 examination markers, which 94% of the reported at marking centers. While 2 463 withdrew due to health reasons among other things, which resulted in provinces appointing 1 736 markers as replacements.

DBE reported that 315 markers tested positive for Covid-19, which 168 of them tested positive at the gate upon arrival, as it was mandatory for them to test before entering the centers. Matric results are set to be announced in February.


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