ANC in the NW divided on Makgoro’s membership suspension

Following the suspension of Premier Job Mokgoro and Four other MPLs by the structure which was brought to unite party members ANC IPC on Saturday, the ANC in the North West Province have been left divided.

The IPWC resolved to invoke Rule 25.56 of the ANC Constitution and temporarily suspend the membership of all five comrades who defied the mandate of the organization.

The IPC said the five openly showed defiance when they collaborated with the opposition to defeat the mandate of the party by voting through show of hands in favour of the secret ballot.

In response to the suspension of Premier Job Mokgoro, The South African National Civic Organization in the North West (SANCO) said they have learnt with great disappointment about the suspensions of the ANC membership of Premier Job Mokgoro and four Members of the NW Provincial Legislature.

The reasons given by the IPC Coordinator comrade Hlomane Chauke smacks of factionalism and confirmation of a long standing desire to remove comrades from their positions and replace them with their cronies. The ANC IPC in the North West has failed dismally to execute a critical part of their core mandate which is to rebuild the ANC structures in the North West Province.

While the ANC Youth League in Ngaka Modiri Molema also expressed their dissatisfaction

“the North West ANC IPC does not only possess high level of insanity but they have opted to turn our glorious organization into a circus of note. Their thoughtless conduct continues to reflect the type of leadership we have in the ANC North West, that continues to lead us into a serious political abyss”

A source close to the party “this thing started when the was a position needed to be filled following the death of the late comrade Kegakilwe. This one particular comrade was then forced on us to be made an MPL. When a vacancy on the EXCO of NWPG needed to be filled, the same comrade was again forwarded to be the one appointed. When that didn’t materialize, it was called defiance against the party mandate.

Now a position for Chair of Chairs had to filled yet again the very same comrade was forwarded to fill the vacancy, are you saying theres no leadership capacity in the province”


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