Uganda Stop Namibian Debmarine Deserts Jewels from Shining at The SPAR Challenge Tri-nations

Article by: Pearl Modise

The Ugandan She-Cranes defeated the Namibian Debmarine Desert Jewels on Day Two of the SPAR Challenge Tri-nations with a final score of (49-28).

Uganda was firmly in control starting with a (12-6) lead in the first quarter and in the second quarter Namibia put up a bold fight; outscoring the She-Cranes by 11 goals to 10 bringing the score to (17-22). Uganda upped their game in the second half and some careless passes cost Namibia as they started buckling. At the end of the third quarter Uganda were leading by 37-21 , restricting Namibia to just four goals in the quarter. In the final quarter Uganda continued to push themselves from Namibia and ended the game at (49-28)

Ugandan goal defence Joan Nampungu was named player of the match and said that Uganda played better than in the match against South Africa on Thursday.

Namibian coach Julene Meyer was impressed with her team’s performance during the first half but suggests that there is still work to be done.

“When you get thrown in at the deep end, you learn to swim very quickly” she said as she expressed how it is a great privilege to play against the world number five and number seven.


Q1:        Uganda 12 – 6 Namibia

HT:        Uganda 22 – 17 Namibia

Q3:        Uganda 37 – 21 Namibia

FT:         Uganda 49 – 28 Namibia

Before Namibia and Uganda took to court the President’s XII claimed their second victory against the SPAR Baby Proteas beating them 54 goals to 49.

President’s XII Goal defence  Jeante’ Strydom was named player of the match.

On Saturday, 27 March 2021 more tri-nation action took place as Ugandan She-Cranes faced the SPAR Baby Proteas at 16:00pm and the SPAR Proteas took on Namibia again at 18:00pm.


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