OPINION|The ANC must renew and rebuild to morally regenerate the Society

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Organizational renewal means among other things, the ability of the ANC to be a beacon of hope and genuine leader of the society through the deployment of its ethical and capable leaders in pursuit of its historic task of serving the people, fighting corruption and maleficence so as to effectively and efficiently lead the process of social transformation.

Atcore of the ANC’s task in the current period is the renewal of the organization for it to exercise societal leadership in a changing environment…ANC cadres need to be located in all these centres (sites of powers), exercising leadership not by decree or through arrogance; but in terms of logic of their ideas, through their organizational acumen and from exemplary conduct. Honesty, hard work, humility, ethics and respect for the people are some of the core attributes that they should evince”- ANC Strategy and Tactics of 2017

The ANC must as a leader of the society renew and morally regenerate to inspire hope to the people of South Africa.  The ANC as a leader of the society resolved at its 54th National Conference to lead the renewal and the moral regeneration of the community. The reality is that, the ANC must be the mirror of the society it envisages, it is only renewed and morally regenerated ANC that could lead the societal renewal and its moral regeneration program.

An ancient philosopher and a thinker, Plato has in his writings taught us that the “philosopher kings” meaning leaders are deployed into positions of responsibility to set up systems of government that serve the “city” society, but as they do so, they are somehow guided by their different kinds of personal desires; the desire for material benefits, honour and good reputation, and the desire for knowledge and truth. Plato believes that, the “philosopher kings” (leaders) might take advantage of the “city” society to attain and satisfy their desires. In his argument, to avoid corruption, all members of the society must be training and socialized through education. In my view, corruption has always been a societal problem and there must be a strong system of government that genuinely fight corruption and maleficence.

As part of its efforts to enhance its integrity and fight against corruption, the ANC has in the 54th National Conference deliberated and amongst others resolved that provincial and National Executive Committees should “Demand that every cadre accused of, or reported to be involved in, corrupt practices accounts to the Integrity Committee immediately or face DC process. Summarily suspend people who fail to give an acceptable explanation or to voluntarily step down, while they face disciplinary, investigative or prosecutorial procedure”.

Just like the “philosopher kings” cadres have used state resources meant for service delivery to attain and satisfy their desires for material benefit, therefore, all cadres implicated into corruption must step aside or down for the ANC to renew and reassume it position of unquestionable moral standing in the society and be able to lead the process of social transformation and moral regeneration of the society.

Comrade Orapeleng Vanilla Matshediso is a member of the ANC in Dr Ruth Mompati Region, the Deputy Executive Director of Higher Education Transformation Network and an employee of Dr Ruth Mompati District Municipality, this article represents his personal view.


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